• About the Business Association of Midtown

    About BAM

    Our mission is to promote business formation, collaboration, and expansion, enhance goodwill between busines​ses and residents, and provide unified advocacy. BAM was formally founded in August 2012 by a group of business owners in the Midtown neighborhood of Jackson, Mississippi. These business owners, primarily artists, had been working, living, and playing in Midtown and had formed close alliances to one another and their location. Through street festivals, collaborative art projects, and community engagement, these creative entrepreneurs were actively promoting business and community in the neighborhood without a formal structure to support their activities, but organized in 2012 with the goal of bringing increased awareness and additional resources to Midtown. Mary Elizabeth Evans, the Director of Housing and Economic Development at Midtown Partners, Inc., led the effort and other key contributors included the first BAM officers - Andrew Young, Richard Stowe, Andy Hilton, and Alicia Corley.

    About the Midtown Neighborhood

    Midtown is a diverse and vibrant neighborhood located just north of downtown Jackson, adjacent to Millsaps College and Baptist Hospital and two blocks from the University of Mississippi Medical Center. The neighborhood is home to the Midtown Arts District, a thriving artist community including welders, carpenters, painters, sculptors, glass artists, seamstresses, and industrial designers.

    "I believe that relationships are at the core of what makes Midtown, Midtown. Whether you are a painter, designer, photographer, chef or entrepreneur, building relationships and collaborating are at the heart and soul of Midtown. And those relationships will be the catalyst to help us propel towards the future."

    Roderick Red, BAM President

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